Fire, electric

Fire:What’s something that you’re more passionate about than you’d care to admit?

Health, horror (omg, I love psychological horror) aaaand my faith.

Electric:What do you think gets you out of bed in the morning?

Wooo… uhm, I guess its mostly cos I know there are people out there who love me so I must be doing something right. And I have a responsibility to my job. Also living ain’t so bad.


That’s quite a heavy one! Much like the deep poetry of a bug Pokemon.

What has changed about me in 5 years and what has not… hmmm.

What has changed: Phew! Quite a lot! I am more comfortable with my body and self expression, I have dealt with a LOT of personal issues that were holding me back, my career has gotten to a place where I am comfortable. I’ve become more aware of the issues that affect POC, other sexualities and women. I’ve improved my relationship with my family and have become more outspoken. I’m more active in terms of exercise! :D I’m also much wiser when it comes to friendships and relationships and how my actions and words affect others.

What hasn’t changed: Still learning, always learning. Still love a lot of the same things - cartoons, games etc. Still have a messed up sense of style when it comes to fashion (I think ). STILL LOVE FLOOFY ANIMALS!

Uhm… yeah… I think that’s it >_>





Send a Pokemon type!
Fire: What's something that you're more passionate about than you'd care to admit?
Dragon: Are there any "urban legends" from where you live? What are they?
Dark: Tell us about a time you had to face up to a fear.
Ghost: When is the last time you were so surprised, you gasped?
Grass: Where do you feel you belong the most?
Poison: Name something you enjoy, but that no one else seems to.
Bug: What has changed about you in the past 5 years? What has not?
Normal: What are three of your favorite things in your everyday life?
Fairy: Tell us a story. Any story.
Water: What do you do when you feel you need to be healed?
Ice: If you were to stop time to enjoy an activity, what would that thing be?
Flying: Tell us about a moment when you gained perspective in life.
Psychic: Who truly understands you?
Electric: What do you think gets you out of bed in the morning?
Rock: Name three things your life revolves around most.
Ground: Who helps you stay on the "right path"?
Steel: Name an opinion/practice you are adamant about, something you will not change.
Fighting: What is something you desperately want to change?
My hair decided to do a flippy thing today on its own, so I left it that way XD

My hair decided to do a flippy thing today on its own, so I left it that way XD

There is only one thing you can do to help gay people in South Africa, give them this advice - remember people cannot change they can only adapt.

I don’t see how that helps though? It’s not really taking any sort of action to improve their lives. It’s not about people changing, it’s about giving them more rights regardless of how people feel.

You're so... vain. I bet you think this ask is about you. You're so vain. I bet you think this ask is about you. DON't YOU? DON'T YOU?


Isn’t this a song? Am I being aggressively sung at?


This is NOT okay. Seriously? What the hell? There are TONS of gorgeous African women that they could have gotten to do this shoot. LIKE WHY?

If I post something or say something ignorant or in anyway wrong please feel free to call me out.


Sometimes I fall into my own ignorance and things that I do not necessary mean or understand my own ignorance. I apologize for this and will own up to my fault. But please do call me out if I am wrong or am acting on my own ignorance. I want to know. I want to learn.



South Africa was one of the first countries to legalise gay marriage, and yet we still have wedding venues turning gay couples away, and the same couple has already lost a ton of friends just by announcing they are getting married.

LIKE WHY? Why is this still allowed to happen?

What can I do as a straight Christian person to make it better? I am getting so frustrated.


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I thought South African police were bad, but after seeing what has happened at Ferguson all I can think is, “at least our cops are equally bad to EVERYONE.”

I’ve been playing a bit of Pokemon lately and I taught a Poliwag to surf…

I found this picture on a lunchbox at a convention I went to this weekend. I couldn’t wrap my head around the pose so I tried to draw it from the side. I regret that decision wholeheartedly.


I’m seriously scared of centipedes. I’ll take a spider over a centipede any day.

Playing Divinity Original Sin with my boyfriend, or visiting my friends in Durban.

Uhm… I take antidepressants?

They didn’t want to any more.

And N has already been answered!